Freedom in our Skin

I bare my breasts to the world unknown, Nothing will strip me of this feeling. No word, No gesture, No expression, I feel numb. Comfortable to bare, As I am free of all the fears that have cornered me, Making me feel inferior to those around me. You are beautiful, No one can tell you […]

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Who am I? Searching for some sort of sign that recognizes the very sight of me But how will I know if these signs are true or rather my dreams in who I want to be People tell me I’m funny But what is funny? Is it because I am the jester of your court. […]

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Missing a loved one, missing your best friend, missing your sister or your childhood cat, missing those memories that you wish you could instantly time travel too. I’m really feeling it right now. A love so deep that it makes you think how precious time is with those people can be. Time is of the […]

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Love is in the Air

Where do I even begin… words cannot describe this feeling that is presenting itself within my body, mind, heart & soul. It’s that one phrase we all hear, three words, three syllables, eight letters which is the most powerful expression upon our existence and why we live and are given this life. I believe one […]

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Instant Connections

It’s that first glance at a stranger, you don’t know who they are, what they like, where they come from or what their story is. But in that one moment a simple hi, hello, a smile or just your eyes meeting theirs recognizing that they are human can mean so much to someone. Without speaking, […]

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Hello World!

I’m at a time in my life now where I want to voice my opinions and share insight on topics related to how I feel and the adventures I take and to the beautiful humans around me. The reason I chose WoodstockWanderlust as my account name is because I have forever wanted to be a […]

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